Are You Charging Your EV With Clean Or Dirty Energy?

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Currently, in the US, around 15 percent of electricity is produced by renewables, as the de-carbonization process gathers pace, it will be possible for EV charging to become carbon neutral. And, as you will see later in this article, strategic partnerships are being formed to make this possible.

However, as we talk about the future of charging, there are ways to reduce the carbon footprint. First, the discussion will focus on individual EV owners, and second, fleet owners.

How EV drivers can charge with cleaner electricity

Okay, you may already have a head start living in California. However, no matter your location, adopting specific practices will help maximize clean electricity usage. The first is a change in charging habits. Utilities are available that purely offer renewable energy as an electricity source. However, this is usually a more expensive option. Open to all, is the time of day in which you charge. The US Energy Information Agency (EIA) records daily electricity demand, which tells you at what time of the day is electricity most in use. Below is the national average.

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