Are You Charging Your EV With Clean Or Dirty Energy?

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Therefore, off-peak charging is a perfect solution for an individual EV owner.

However, strategic collaborations with renewable energy and EV charging providers will yield carbon neutral solutions. In the UK, ChargeMaster, the largest operator of public EV charging infrastructure, with 5,600 charging stations partnered with OVO Energy, an independent provider of renewable energy, to offer 100% clean EV charging to its customers from 1st August 2017. Similarly, in a recent press release, EV Box and IBC Solar are joining forces to deploy integrated solar energy and EV charging point solutions across Europe.

A smarter option for fleets

Many fleet managers have already recognized the economic, environmental, and reputational benefits of transitioning their fleets to EVs. However, there is a severe risk to localities of electricity demand overload with multiple EV charging, especially during peak hours.

Smart charging allows you to manage multiple charging stations in a cost and energy efficient manner. By opening up a line of communication with the electricity grid, it creates a flexible load. These flexible loads allow you to draw power at changing times, without any compromise to the quality of the electricity delivered.

FleetCarma SmartCharge Manager

FleetCarma offers an innovative smart charging solution for all of your fleet’s needs. The SmartCharge Manager helps manage your EV charging load efficiently. By providing fluid access to vehicle-side-data, administrators can understand the impact of allowing or curtailing vehicle charging at any given time, based on real-time data such as battery state-of-charge. Real-time data enables better decisions and efficient deployment of demand response programs while ensuring vehicles receive the charge they require.

Also, as battery technology advances, energy storage could become a viable option to load management. Storage could make renewable electricity available whenever required and could help baseload resources supply fluctuating demand.

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