Are You Charging Your EV With Clean Or Dirty Energy?

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To conclude, I think it’s time to put to bed the long-tailpipe argument. Over the last ten years, utility-scale renewable power has grown to over 15 percent of electricity generation in the US, and this trend is likely to continue. As a result, the electricity grid is getting cleaner, and already over 75 percent of people in the US, live in places where EVs are cleaner than gasoline vehicles.

Strategic partnerships to bring carbon-neutral EV charging are on the horizon. But, in the meantime, consumers can and should change their charging to off-peak hours to ensure the cleanest charging profile possible.

Fleet managers should continue to recognize the benefits of an EV fleet. Smart charging solutions utilize data and analytics to give you complete control of your fleet, charging in the most cost and energy efficient way. New technologies such as energy storage and V2G will bring about smarting charging 2.0, providing further assistance with electricity load management.

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