Automotive Research: Autonomous, Self-Driving, And IOT Connected Cars

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As with almost everything now, the connection is highly valued, and the automotive industry is not far behind on this. Researchers have conducted research on circuits, sensors, and communicationsand have integrated these aspects slowly to develop the modern cards of today. Aside from the car itself, researchers have prioritized studying vehicle control systems, software, data privacy and security, and artificial intelligence.

Connected cars have become the next big thing. Embedded cars have built-in antennas and chipsets. Tethered connections allow drivers to connect their smartphones to the vehicles. Because of its popularity, it is expected that around 381 million connected cars will be on the road by 2020.

The first in the industry to bring connected car features to market was General Motors. GM worked with Motorola to develop a system that would get emergency help in case of a vehicular accident. After this, the next development was integrating GPS locations. Many manufacturers followed suit with their own versions of the safety program. In 2003, there were additional features such as directions and even vehicle status reports. Audi also offered Wi-Fi hotspots in 2014.

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