Best 4 Reasons To Wear Good Nursing Shoes

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If you’re a nurse or deal with any kind of medical profession, you’ll no doubt be on your feet for long hours, and require good footwear. Here’s an article that explains why it’s paramount to have good nursing shoes for each an every shift.


As a nurse you know that a large portion of your shift is going to be spent standing, and when you stand you place all of your weight on your feet. So, what protects them the most? Your nursing shoes are the only thing that stand between your feet being in pain or feeling good at the end of a 12 – 16 hour shift. Therefore it is vital that you spend time determining the right type of nurse shoe for you. This means that although you must find the right size and fit, also the actual type of shoe you choose is important. For example, determining whether to buy clogs, tennis shoes, or slip-ons is just as important as how they will fit. When it comes to foot type, a simple foot pressure testcould help you determine if you have flat feet (also known as fallen arches), normal feet, or high arches. Knowing the type of feet you have is a good start because it will help you select the correct shoe which in turn pays you back through comfort throughout your shift.

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