Best 6 Tips That’ll Help Make Running Pain

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2. Quicken your stride frequency
Running speed consists of stride length and stride frequency, so to get faster you’ll need to increase either one of these variables (or both).Every running step should result in your foot landing just under your hips. Overstriding, having your foot land too far out in front of your body, increases time spent in the air and results in a harder landing, increasing risk of injury.

Understriding is also counterproductive because you’ll just wind up wasting energy by running too slow. To increase stride length, improve strength and range of motion in your hips and legs. To increase stride frequency, or step rate, take quicker, controlled steps while keeping your feet low to the ground. A quicker cadence can reduce stress on the hips and knees, and may be beneficial to preventing and treating running injuries, according to this 2011 University of Wisconsin study.Running with proper form will lead to a stride length and frequency that coincide with a speed your body is comfortable with.

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