Exploring Electric Vehicle Battery Life, Degradation, And Developments

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Battery degradation in electric vehicles leads to capacity fade, thereby shortening the vehicle’s possible range.

The lack of battery degradation data for analysis sparked Maarten Steinbuch and Merijn Coumans to create a study in the field. So, what they achieved was the first of its kind. Maarten Steinbuch and Merijn Coumans, in cooperation with the Dutch-Belgium Tesla Forum, created a public spreadsheet entitled ‘MaxRange Tesla Battery Survey’ that allows Tesla drivers to post information about their remaining battery capacity. You can participate via the Google Document. The project began in 2015, as of 29th November 2017, 396 users where participating.

Data in Focus
The first graph looks at the impact of kilometers driven and how it reduces battery capacity. We can see that the majority of Tesla drivers have achieved up to 100,000km and had a maximum loss of 10% battery capacity/range. A few outliers, however, have driven more than 200,000km and still have up to 90% battery capacity left.

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