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Telsa Model S/X Mileage vs Remaining Battery Capacity

The second graph looks at the impact of the age of the battery and how it reduces battery capacity. The majority of users have a 1-3-year-old battery with anything from 91% to 98% battery capacity/range remaining. We can again see a handful of users having up to a 5-year-old battery with around 95% capacity available.

Tesla Model S/X Battery Age vs Remaining Battery Capacity

The data available here is far from full. However, patterns are beginning to emerge and provide valuable insight into EV battery capacity and lifetime.

Plug In America has a similar survey going on, and it has found roughly same results, despite the dataset being less comprehensive. Most drivers are retaining over 90% of original capacity. Outliers are getting even more impressive results – the shuttle service Tesloop reported in September that one of its Model S cars had passed the 200,000-mile mark, and had lost only 6% of its original range.

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