How Soon Is Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging Coming?

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Companies working on wireless charging

Nissan is currently working on “future technology” for the Nissan LEAF and that includes wireless charging. According to Nissan, this system frees an EV of the need for a cable when charging, further advancing the convenience of EVs for charging at home or work. As the car can be parked always in a designated location, the steering can be operated automatically, greatly reducing the hassle of parking.

Qualcomm is looking to develop their technology for charging while driving on the road with their Dynamic Electric Vehicle Charing technology. They have proved that they can charge vehicles traveling up to 70mph on a 100-meter test track using Kangoo electric vans. Bad weather has no effect on the system and works equally well when the surface is covered by water.

At the Paris Motor Show, Mercedes Benz announced that wireless charging will be available in some of their 2018 models. This would not be a standard feature, rather an add-on consumers could purchase.

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