Learn The Basics of Running Shoes Anatomy

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If you’re new to the running ‘hype’, chances are you have no idea what kind of running shoes to buy or what does midsole and shank means. To save you the trouble and give you the things you need to know about running shoes. Think of it as Running Shoe Anatomy 101.

Today, we will breakdown the running shoes and explain what they do and how it can help you when you are looking to buy a new shoes. Let’s get started!

Running Shoe Anatomy 101

Running Shoe upper


Upper is the top of the shoe, hence the name. Today, most of the upper are made from breathable mesh and other materials that aims to keep your feet dry, and fresh.

Upper is here to make sure our feet is secured in it’s place, it is sewed or sometimes glued to the midsole. Some brands weave it in dynamic fibers and reinforcing straps. This helps the shape of your foot in place and keeps it when you twist and turn.

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