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Absolutely. I’m happy to do that. Also, one thing that you shared with me is that Sixty and Me promotes yoga and breathing exercises, and these are two of the best things that we can do to improve our sleep. They help with turning off our internal stimuli that keep us away from sleep.From a nutrition standpoint, magnesium is the most important nutrient when it comes to sleep. It is critical on that front because it actually turns off our fight or flight response in all of our cells. I personally take magnesium in a hot powder tea before I go to bed, and sip on it.

It’s interesting though that we were raised on sayings like, “Drink warm milk before bed,” when actually, warm milk is going to provide us with calcium which is a muscle contractor. Calcium is a stress inducer, so drinking milk before bed is going to keep us awake.You want to make sure you are getting in enough magnesium throughout the day, not just at bed time. If your body is well saturated in magnesium that will help you to turn off that stress response when you do climb into bed.

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