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One of my favorite tricks to boost my magnesium intake is to treat myself to a great dark chocolate option, maybe with peanut butter or almond butter, around three or four o’clock in the afternoon. Dark chocolate is a really rich source of magnesium and we should use that to our advantage.


So it’s okay to have chocolate for breakfast.


Yes, absolutely.


Here in Switzerland chocolate is a way of life, obviously. It’s the biggest and most delicious industry. If you go to a café for a cup of tea or coffee, they always give you a little bit of chocolate. It’s a lovely tradition.

So, magnesium is necessary to make us relax from stress. What about melatonin? Everyone says that it is the most important substance for sleep.


Well, since we’re talking about nutrition and how it can help us to better our sleep, those extras, like melatonin, are less relevant here.

But there’s a nutrient that is really important for women as we start to approach perimenopause and then into menopause. Our hormone imbalance in that period affects how we sleep, so this nutrient, gamma-linoleic omega-6 fatty acid can help our body relax into sleep.

It’s called GLA for short, and so I refer to it as ‘the glamor fatty acid’ because it’s also the one that helps our hair, skin and nails look healthy. The gamma-linoleic fatty acid helps with intimate dryness that is associated with menopause, which is why many women are prescribed to take it in some form.

It could be taken as an evening primrose oil or borage oil, or as medication. Even though I’m not anywhere near menopause, I’ve decided to add GLA to my diet. I’m a huge fan of getting in hempseeds and hempseed oil.

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