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Hempseeds and hempseed oil are an extremely rich source of gamma-linoleic fatty acid, and so is wild salmon. You would benefit your health greatly if you can get this fatty acid into your body because the GLA actually helps promote healthy inflammatory response.

A lot of the things that keep us awake have to do with our body being irritated or overwhelmed due to low-grade chronic inflammation which leads to a number of other issues as well. So, I’m a huge fan of the hormonal health that we can get from the gamma-linoleic fatty acid.


What do you do with hemp oil? Would you just drink it or use it as olive oil?


Some people do take it by itself, but I prefer to put it on my salad or drizzle it over a potato. I actually make hempseed pesto and it is one of my favorite things. I use it with veggies or put it inside those little red skin potatoes.

The third nutrition advice is probably one we have heard before, but I feel the need to restate it. A lot of people are trying to eat ‘perfectly’ at lunch time and as a result they will only have maybe a chicken or fish salad, no croutons. They are really watching their carbohydrates.

However, what comes to happen is that by about the middle of the day or into the early evening, they feel famished because they skipped on that carbohydrate – be it chick peas, beans or bread – that would’ve helped their body to have energy until dinner time.

Then in the evening we are back loading, and often, we actually look for those carbohydrates. But having those carbohydrates in the evening promotes wakefulness.

So my health tip about carbohydrates, which hits on all three points – weight loss, belly fat and better sleeping – is to only lower your carbohydrate intake at dinner time.

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