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That second option is what is happening to us when we decide to have something before bed. I think you will feel much better if you have a more substantial meal around four or five, then have the cheese and crackers around seven-thirty or eight – if you’re going to bed after ten-thirty.


What would you suggest when people wake up in the middle of the night? is there anything you might want to do or drink? Maybe try meditation or something else?


I think it depends on the state of your body because sometimes it can be due to our hormones cycling through our bodies.

I’m a huge fan of the breath work that is 4-7-9. You breathe in through your nose for the count of four, then you hold it in through seven and finally you exhale it out of your mouth for nine. I ask people to do that 10 times in a row as it turns the body’s fight or flight response off and helps you relax.

There is no reason whatsoever for any food to go in you at three o’clock in the morning – unless you are waking up and starting your day. If you want to go back to sleep, the worst thing you can do is eat something when you wake up in the middle of the night.

Our sleep cycle is super sensitive. It takes two days to shift it off, so don’t get into this behavior pattern. I’m not a sleep technique expert, but some things that I have been taught are to get up, walk around then come back to bed. You can also do the breathing exercise.

Another thing I consider important is making sure that there isn’t a light or a sound that you aren’t even aware of that is triggering you to wake up. It might be the person next to you who is snoring or has shifted their position.

If you find yourself waking up to go to the bathroom, it’s helpful to have a muted night light on so that you don’t have to turn on a bright light that will interrupt your sleep for a longer period.

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