The Most Common Types Of Foot Pain

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No matter what you do, you are bound to at one point in your life suffer from foot pain. It could come in the form of aches or even something more serious. Our feet support the entire body all day, every day. So is it really that far of a stretch to consider that eventually we all feel pain in the feet? First let’s go over the different types of foot pain that we may experience.


Achilles tendonitis most often happens when the Achilles tendon gets injured from being overused. It’s usually runners who are the most common group of people that suffer from Achilles tendonitis. If you abruptly increase the speed, intensity, or length of your run, then you could develop an Achilles injury.

Ultimately there are two types: Non-insertional, which means the mid section of your Achilles tendon will get thick and swollen due to the breakdown and tiny tears in the tendon. Secondly, there is Insertional, which affects the area where the tendon attaches itself to the bone of your heel, causing the lower portion of the Achilles tendon to get damaged as opposed to the mid section.


Toe painA bunion causing toe pains is what is associated with your toes, pretty straight forward. Often it starts here and then radiates toward your foot. The causes of toe pain could be stubbing your toe on an object. It could also be caused by your shoes being too small for you. If you try to squeeze into those heels just to be a little more fashionable, you could be your own worst enemy.
So what can you do about toe pain? Well for starters, if your shoes do not fit properly, don’t buy them. Next, start watching where you are going so that you don’t run into things with your toes.
Once you address those issues then you can treat the pain. You can use RICE or Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. If there is swelling, you could also try Ibuprofen to help reduce the aches and swelling.

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