The Most Common Types Of Foot Pain

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Heel pain is what begins at the back bottom part of the foot. It can be a stabbing sensation that can make walking difficult due to the majority of our weight being balanced there. Causes of heel pain could be obesity, stress fractures, and even tumors. Plantar Fasciitis can also be a major cause of heel pain.

So how can you combat heel pain? Well the number one most preferred method is resting of the afflicted foot. Using shoe inserts can also offer comfort to those suffering. Ensuring that you have the correct size of shoe is a must when it comes to preventing foot pain. Also making sure you have the right type of shoe for the right job. For example, I would not recommend bartending while wearing hiking boots, even if they are waterproof and meant for long periods of usage. Likewise, nor would I recommend stilettos as adequate shoes for standing whether in an office or not. Simply put, you are basically asking for foot problems if you are not wearing the proper shoe.


A diagram showing the causes of arch painArch pain usually begins in the middle of foot at the apex of the arched area. It begins with a soreness that gradually progresses into an almost pressure sort of feeling. The pressure feels like something is being pressed into the arch of your foot. This makes running almost impossible, and walking very painful indeed.

The root of arch pain is ultimately down to poor support, which is why it’s recommend going into one of the stores that offer computer imaging and have them scan your feet. This will then display an image that can detect the type of arch that you have, whether it be low, medium, and or high arches. The best way you can treat arch pain is rest and ice, but can be treated or reduced by buying shoes for high arches or alternatively by placing arch support insoles into your existing footwear.

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