The Most Common Types Of Foot Pain

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A bunion on the right footBunions are bumps that are composed of bones that form at the joints of those who suffer from this medical condition. Usually occurring as your big toe is forced over against another toe, thus forcing the joint of the big toe to become deformed.

Causes of bunions range from poor support to wearing shoes that are too small for you. Additionally, as we age our bones become brittle and when the bones of our feet become brittle they are more likely to become misshapen.

The first and most important thing that you can do when it comes to treating bunions is to buy some shoes that fit properly. The best shoes for bunions are ones with a wide toe box; these are commonly marketed or designed with a roomy area in the toe box frontage so that bunions and bunionettes have plenty of space to avoid friction and pain whilst walking. There are some other types which are adequate too, such as rocker bottom soles and stretchable shoes, which serve bunion feet in different ways.

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