The Most Common Types Of Foot Pain

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Plantar fasciitis is a very common type of pain that affects the heel. We are more prone to experience it as we get older. Especially affecting the middle aged class. It can at times cause pain in one foot or even in both feet. This a major problem for people who serve in the military due to the boots that they wear and possibly the amount of marching.

So what are your options? Well first get rid of those old shoes you have had since you were a freshman in college. I know it’s great that you still fit into them but in fact they are probably well worn out and beyond their capability to provide adequate support. Buy some chiropodist designed plantar fasciitis shoes that are going to support your arches, pad your heels, and improve your gait. Rest and Ice can be also be helpful in treating this condition. A ray of sunlight for those that may be suffering; if you treat with rest, ice, and improve the support, you could be among the 95% of people who recover from this condition within a year.


Flat feet and normal feet comparedThe flat foot condition occurs when the arches of the person’s foot has collapsed. The entire foot then comes in contact with the ground and there is no relief or proper support. Often it can occur during childhood but sometimes can be the result of an injury.

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