Top 10 Best Motion Control Running Shoes in 2018

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  • Waterproof and has anti-moisture material
  • Protective TPU toe cap
  • Lightweight and breathable


  • Wears out quickly, according to some
  • Expensive shoe
  • A bit heavy to some

Asics Gel Fortitude

Asics Gel Fortitude

If you have a low arches and suffers from overpronation, you should try Asics Gel Fortitude. This running shoe is control-oriented with cushioning system and new technologies that helps your gait for running. The Asics Gel Fortitude is suited for heavy runners because of the spacious and supported fit, which aims to improve your performance in training and provide you with maximum stability and support. You will love the comfort and durability of this shoe, the more you use it.

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