Top 10 Best Motion Control Running Shoes in 2018

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Motion control shoes like Asics Gel Fortitude will help you in terms of support that will help you boost your running performance. The technology used are already tried and tested to help you with, support, cushioning, customize fit, lightweight and enhanced durability.

The Guidance Trusstic System, from Guidance Line is effective in helping your mild pronation, you will be albe to adapt to a more natural running technique without any issues.


  • Excellent option for excessive overpronators
  • Comfortable
  • Bargain for its price
  • Flexible running shoe


  • Quite heavy to some

Mizuno Wave Legend

Mizuno Wave Legend

If you are looking for a motion control running shoe that offers smooth transition and good cushioning, Mizuno Wave Legend is the one. Its lightweight, offers great cushioning and has optimal comfort that helps you run long distance without getting too tired.

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