Why Cryptocurrency Is Fueling the Next Generation of Engineering Jobs

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From bartering, then to golds and silvers, to pennies and paper bills, now a virtual currency; money is matching the rapid and vast technology evolutions. And despite the poor performances and struggle in maintaining the number one position in the market, Bitcoin users and other digital money users still think the game is not yet over for cryptocurrency. However, creating and maintaining a public ledger—blockchain—is not at all easy. As it is now, skills to analyze data, and coding skills are highly demanded in the cryptocurrency universe. In fact, in 2017, blockchain ranked second in the top 20 fastest-growing job skills, and next on the list is also blockchain-related: Bitcoin. (source)

The potential of cryptocurrency is still great, and many are still viewing it as the future of money. There is a call for help in improving the performance of blockchain and cryptocurrency transactions, and the call is for those who are already skilled data scientist, research analyst, and web developers. But if you aren’t one of them, there is also a call for you; to start now and learn how to read and write code, and participate in addressing and overcoming the shortcomings of a still growing cryptocurrency industry, and help—while earning big—for the future of cryptocurrency.

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