Why Do You Feel Foot Pain After Running?

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Tips to Prevent Running Injuries

By thinking ahead and taking the necessary precautions and planning, you can prevent these running foot pain, here are some of the best tips;

  1. Always listen to your body: don’t ignore any pain and don’t push through it. If you noticed a consistent pain in a muscle or joint, that means rest is not enough, see your doctor asap.
  2. Running Plan: Before heading out to run, talk to a trainer and let him/her create a running plan that is inline with your fitness, goals and abilities.
  3. Proper Warm-up: Many injuries result in not doing a proper stretching and warm up, before you run, stretch your muscles thoroughly, especially your calf, hams, groin, and quads. You can also do a walk for 5 minutes as a warm up, or before stretching. Remember that stretching stiff / cold muscles will result to more injuries.
  4. Strength Training: Enter a local gym and do some weight training, ad exercises, this strengthen the muscles and develops strength.
  5. Different Routine: Try to mix up your fitness routine, try swimming, weightlifting, HIIT, biking, crossfit and other activity. This will prevent to overuse your injuries that is common to occur when you only do running over and over again.
  6. Proper Clothing: Always wear lightweight, breathable clothing that takes protects your skin. Always wear a cap or hat to protect from sun or cold. Sunscreen always, even on cloudy day.
  7. Proper Running Shoes: Wear proper socks and shoes that matches your requirements. If your running shoes have already worn thin, it’s time to get a new one. If you have foot problems like flat feet or high arches, consider using a orthotic shoes inserts.
  8. Run Wisely: Run on a flat, smooth surface and avoid trail running until your body is able to cope with the activity. If you want to do some trail run, be extra careful and don’t run too fast. Always think of safety.
  9. Stay Safe: Run during the day or on well-lit areas, and always use light (neon) colored clothes so you can always be seen. Keep a phone and ID with you (always). If you’re running with headphones, set the volume low, so you’ll be able to hear cars, other noises that could surprise you. Run with a partner if you can, that always keeps the run entertaining.
  10. Watch the Weather : Always check the weather the before you run, don’t run outside if it’s too humid or freezing temperature.
  11. Drink Plenty: Make sure you drink extra 2 cups of water on the days you run. If you’re running for more than an hour, drink sports drink to replenish electrolytes.

Best Treatment of Common Running Injuries

The most common running injuries can be treated, but if the pain and discomfort continues, it is always advised to see your doctor. You may need a medical treatment to fix your running injury.

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