Wyoming’s Solution For Brain Drain? Computer Science

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Students learning programming using LEGO robots.NCWIT ASPIRE IT

The upcoming Senate File 29 vote has caught the eye of CS leaders around the country, including Ruthe Farmer, Chief Evangelist at CSforAll: “I am thrilled to see Wyoming pushing the envelope on CS education. For a rural state dependent largely on mineral extraction to see the potential that lies in the innovation economy and prepare their citizens for that future, is extremely forward thinking.”

I covered Wyoming’s burgeoning tech scene a couple months ago when Megan Smith, the US’s 3rd Chief Technology Officer, headlined a Tech Jobs Tour event in Cheyenne, the state capital, focusing on the inclusive opportunities technology can enable. But that event was only when the wave started to crest, not when the tides turned. What we’re seeing now are the results of a government unafraid to confront its challenges head-on.

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