Wyoming’s Solution For Brain Drain? Computer Science

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That’s where Senate File 29 comes into play. State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Jillian Balow, is bullish: “All this talk of economic diversity in Wyoming—it’s critical. And key to every conversation is education: How do we prepare and retain a workforce to keep our state strong for years to come? There is a bold answer that will lead more Wyoming students to higher education and prosperous career options: Computer Science.”

Opps, the Park County School District #1 teacher, agrees. His belief is that, although individual educators may help fan the flames, what the state truly needs is a coordinated top-down push. “Incorporating computer science into every classroom demonstrates that as a state we are true believers in computational thinking and celebrate problem-solving; not just in a few maverick classrooms here and there, but that every student in the entire state deserves to develop this mental muscle.”

Of course, the Senate File 29 vote matters enormously for Wyoming’s prospects. But at a time when all of America is trying to figure out how to bring everyone along into our new economies, it matters for all of us that they get this right, too.

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